Student Music Publishing
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Publishing music for your class is easy and FREE, plus you get a free copy of the sheet music for your classroom. Students can experience hands-on lessons by having their own creative work published! Once complete, return your materials and we’ll publish your FREE, classroom copy.

Your FREE class music publishing kit includes:

  • Composition Design Pages
  • Student-Created Sample Compositions
  • Step-By-Step Lesson Plans
  • Parent Order Forms

Plus, we also provide:

  • Start-to-finish project support
  • Project reminders to keep you on track
  • Lesson plans & composition starters
  • Unlimited access to our online Teacher Community
  • A FREE, deluxe copy of your student composition for the teacher and option for parents and friends to purchase copies for your next fund raiser!!!

  • 0rder your publishing kit!

0rder your publishing kit!

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Get Inspired! See examples of published work: